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What Goes At The Top Of A Roof?

What Goes At The Top Of A Roof?

The shingles are the topmost layer of any roof. They are your home’s first line of protection against the elements and are also one of the most noticeable aspects of your home’s appearance. But there are a few more things that can help your roofing become more durable and extend its lifespan.

Ridge caps

In a traditional sloped roof, the highest point where the two planes meet is called a ridge. Ridge caps are installed to reinforce and weatherproof this area. A ridge cap can be pre-manufactured from plastic, steel, or asphalt materials, and alternatively, a ridge cap can be improvised from shingles.  


Certain areas of your roof might need extra protection from the weather. Thin metal sheets called flashing help direct water away from crevices and irregular surfaces. The idea is to reinforce areas the three layers of roofing don’t cover, such as chimneys, walls, and anything else that protrudes through your roofing surface.


You can also use gutters for additional protection against water and debris. They can redirect water to avoid water damage and stagnation, potentially saving a lot of money in repairs. You can install gutters in various areas on top of your roof and at its sides.



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