What Happens at The End of the IID Requirement Period?

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At the end of your Ignition Interlock Device (IID) requirement period, several steps must be followed to ensure the proper removal of the device and the fulfillment of all legal obligations. Here is a detailed breakdown of what to expect and what actions you need to take:

Confirm Completion of Requirements

  • Verification – Ensure that you have met all the conditions set by the court or DMV. This typically includes the duration of the IID installation and any compliance requirements such as passing all breath tests and attending any mandated appointments or classes.
  • Documentation – Gather all necessary documentation that verifies the completion of your IID requirement. This may include compliance reports, proof of service visits, and any other relevant documents.

Contact Your Service Provider

  • Schedule Removal – Contact 316 Interlock or your IID service provider to schedule an appointment for the removal of the device. Inform them that you have completed the required period and are ready for the device to be removed.
  • Provide Documentation – Be prepared to provide any necessary documentation to confirm that you have completed the requirement period. This helps streamline the process and ensures a smooth transition.

Visit the Service Center

  • Removal Appointment – Bring your vehicle to the service center at the scheduled time. The certified technicians at 316 Interlock will handle the removal process, ensuring it is done safely and without causing damage to your vehicle.
  • System Check – After removing the IID, the technicians will perform a thorough check of your vehicle’s ignition system to ensure it is functioning correctly.

Final Documentation

  • Completion Certificate – Obtain a completion certificate or proof of removal from the service provider. This document is essential as it serves as evidence that the IID has been removed and that you have complied with all legal requirements.
  • Submit to Authorities – Submit the completion certificate and any other required documentation to the relevant authorities (court or DMV) to finalize your case and restore your full driving privileges.

Restoring Driving Privileges

License Reinstatement – Follow any additional steps required by the DMV to reinstate your driving privileges fully. This may include paying any outstanding fees or completing a final review process.
Celebrate Compliance – Once all steps are completed, you can enjoy the freedom of driving without the IID, knowing you have met all legal obligations and contributed to safer driving practices.

Why Choose 316 Interlock?

At 316 Interlock, we strive to make the IID process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Here’s why we are the best choice for your ignition interlock needs in Wichita, KS:

  • Professional Service – Our certified technicians ensure professional installation, maintenance, and removal of your IID.
  • Affordable Pricing – We offer competitive pricing and transparent fees, making the process more affordable for you.
  • Comprehensive Support – From installation to removal, our team provides comprehensive support, including assistance with documentation and compliance.
  • Convenient Locations – With convenient locations and flexible scheduling, we make it easy for you to meet your IID requirements.

Take Action Today

If you are nearing the end of your IID requirement period or need assistance with any aspect of the IID process, contact 316 Interlock. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.


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